Decide Your Doom #1: The Cave of Time

You show up at Hyde Park Theatre ready for another night of Fringe Fest Fantasticness. Probably an autobiographical monologue, an interpretive dance, and of course, improv. Likely set to music....


The Metal Queen: Kneel Before Her Dark Majesty

Flimflam in Space

Slapdash 11, Flimflam in Spaaaaace. 7 writers, 7 directors, 21 actors, and 1 musician. In 24 hours 7 new plays will descend from the stratosphere. Alien, yet familiar.

Is So Metal!

Loaded Gun Theory's latest collaborative piece -- two volleyball girls set out to conquer the world using drones and heavy metal.


Slapdash Flimflammery 10

Loaded Gun Theory's yearly 24-hour play festival rounds up the usual suspects. This year we'll lock 7 writers in a dark theater and have them write all night. The actors and directors will show up...

The Brothers Merlin

Come meet the Brothers Merlin and their Magnificent Menagerie of Mysteries. Two brothers unearth a mysterious secret to immortality. This curse ultimately causes them to sacrifice what they love....


9 Lives (and Deaths) of Slapdash

Slapdash Flimflammery 9
An evening celebrating life, death, and murder most foul. On a cold November night Loaded Gun Theory will once again lock 7 foolhardy playwrights into a dark...

Our Apocalyptic Dream

What is your Apocalyptic Dream? At the end of time do you hope for a new beginning without your government, your spouse, your religion, your kids, your oil addicted toxin spewing car. How about...

The Apocalypse Play: APOCALYPTIC!


Back to the Flimflam

Candidate the Candidate



On Friday September 24th we will lock 7 writers into the Off Center at 10pm. They will write ferociously until 7am the next morning when we bring in directors and actors. They will...

Big Plans

The Graveside Service


Slapdash Flimflammery 6: Live Six Show

Slapdash Flimflammery: Live Six Show!
On Friday September 25th we will lock 6 writers into the Off Center at 10pm. They will write ferociously until 7am the next morning when we bring in directors...

Teacher, Teacher

Teacher, Teacher

Five 'Til


Cinco de Flimflam


The Automat

by Timothy Thomas Directed by Julie Winston-Thomas *Note: picture not from The Automat. Picture is simply a figment of a character's nightmares. When a cook gets iced in the freezer, Hoover...

The Nymph


Under the Oak: The Automat

Little Murders


Bride of Slapdash


Big Box God

The Freddy Argyle Show




Slapdash Slaps Back

The Empty Bowl

Imagination Penetrative


The Grind

I Am Alpha

Baka Gaijin


Copyright Denied

Spawn of Slapdash

Exeunt Dead Actor


The Rapist and the Murderer

The Purpose of Tools

Scaping the Goat

Loaded Gun Theory brings back the extended version of their Frontera Fest piece. When two Eastern European Heavy Metal fans are caught up in a race to prove their innocence, no one is safe from...


Slapdash Flimflammery